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Sharing My Faith - Interpersonal Approach

Matthew’s Interpersonal approach is very similar to the testimonial approach, but it’s those who naturally build longer-term relationships with people. These are the people that tend to be networkers in the business world. They tend to be people that have the gift of hospitality, or like to have people over. We see this approach in Scripture in Luke chapter 5 when the tax collector, Matthew, encounters Jesus and decides to lay it all down to follow Jesus. Matthew then had all the same sinners and outcasts over for dinner as he most likely had done in the past, but this time it was different. It was not about him but it was about Jesus.

PRAY: Dear God, Thank you for revealing ways we can share our faith. Please bring to mind those who I know that are far from you. Help me to shine your light to them. In Jesus name, Amen.

READ: Luke 5:27-32

ASK: What did you see Matthew (Levi) do in this passage to connect people to Jesus?

Wrap-up: When considering the interpersonal approach, do you see yourself sharing your faith in this way?

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