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Sharing My Faith - Invitational Approach

The Samaritan Woman’s Invitational Approach. This may be the easiest and the one for all of us to start with. There is power when we invite people to find out who Jesus is. This is done by inviting people to church, a Christian concert, small group or Bible study. It’s through relationship, through knowing a person and then inviting them down a path to know the best relationship in your life—Jesus. We see this Invitational Approach in the Samaritan woman in John 4 whose life was changed when she met Jesus at the well. Her immediate response after her encounter with Jesus was to go back to the town and invite people to encounter Jesus as well.

PRAY: Dear God, You have called us into a relationship with you. By your actions on the cross, you invited us. Help us to ask people into a relationship with you and your church. In Jesus name, Amen.

READ: John 4:1-30

ASK: What did you see the Samaritan Woman do in this passage to share for her faith?

Wrap-up: When considering the invitational approach, do you see yourself sharing your faith in this way?

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