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Church Staff


Darryl Denney,
Senior Minister

Darryl's chief desire is to see souls added to the Kingdom of God.  He is committed to loving the people of God and passionately teaching the Word of God for the equipping of the saints to fulfill the Great Commission (making disciples who go and make disciples).


Darryl's ministry experience has included part-time youth, associate and worship ministry. His experience also has included full-time social work ministry as well as full-time worship, discipleship and preaching ministries.  (He holds a Bachelors degree from Cincinnati Christian University in Biblical Studies.)


Darryl's heart is for people to receive the grace of God that allows the power of Christ to bring hope, healing and victory for all who will receive it.


Darryl shares life and ministry with his lovely wife Jane.  They are blessed with three daughters- Eliza (son-in-law Drew), Ellie and Elana.

Jane Denney,
Elementary Director

Jane Denney has been serving as our Elementary Director since January 2023.  Although this is a part-time position, Jane's energy and diligent work to help kids grow in their faith and connect families together has produced much fruit for our church.  Her heart for kids and families is evident in all she does and we are excited about this ministry to youth and families.

Ben Holloman,
Teen Minister

Ben has wanted to go into ministry for most of his life. His own youth group experiences showed him just how much he enjoys working with the next generation of kids. He also knows the importance of raising children in the church. Proverbs 22:6 states, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not depart from it.” (Prov 22:6 NIV). 

Ben's goal is to be a servant. He wants to help equip the kids to go out and serve God wherever they end up. He also believes he is not only a resource for the kids, but also a resource for the parents. He hopes to work with them to help them raise their children up in a strong, godly manner.

Alisha Montgomery,
Office Manager

Alisha enjoys helping people in any way possible, especially in service to the Lord. She also loves teaching the 2-5 year old Sunday School Class and leading them to love Jesus!

Alisha has her Associates Degree in Early Childhood. She has worked in the field of Early Childhood for 26 years, including 4 years as the Director of a childcare center before coming to work in the offices at Center.

Alisha and her husband, Joe, live in the country outside Arlington with their 2 boys, Dylan and Logan. They enjoy spending time outdoors, as well as watching sporting events.

Natasha Orme,
Preschool Director

Natasha has been affiliated with our weekly preschool from its inception. Our goal here at Center is to develop a love for learning alongside a child’s growth spiritually, physically and emotionally. Small classes, consistent discipline and lots of love contribute to the end goal—a child ready to embrace the next level of learning. 


Natasha grew up here at Center and has lived in this community her entire life. Her husband teaches agriculture at RCHS and they farm as well. She is mom to Justin , Callie and Alex who are all grown. Justin and Sam are parents to one son, twin daughters, and a younger daughter.  Callie and Cassidy are parents to two young boys and a younger daughter. Alex and Elaine are parents to one daughter.

Stephanie McDaniel,

Stephanie excels at caring for people by making a clean, safe environment here at Center Christian Church. From behind the scenes, she cares for our building and provides for our custodial needs.

Stephanie and her husband Gail have served faithfully for years. They go above and beyond making ministry possible - selflessly. 

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