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  • Darryl Denney

"Old School" Sermon Series Update

Change is not easy. Can I get an amen to that? As I am climbing the age ladder to halfway to 90, I am realizing the older you get the harder it is to adapt to change. That doesn’t give us an excuse to resist change because some change is good. On the other side though, we should never change just for the sake of change.

I cannot even imagine what the Christians went through in the first century who were raised in Judaism. Their whole life was spent seeing God a certain way and seeing their life through that lens—and then they are told that it all pointed to Jesus, as He was the fulfillment of the old.

That change was more than most of us can even comprehend. But, as we know, Jesus not only brought change, but He completed the Old Covenant and the sacrificial system that brought them temporary atonement with God.

Our whole focus this year in the sermon series is about Jesus being the fulfillment of the old, the fullness of the old, and the finisher of the old. For those who received the letter of Hebrews, that was the message they needed to understand and live out in the freedom and victory of Christ.

In June and July we are going to continue this OLD SCHOOL theme of Jesus taking that which was in part and fulfilling it in a new, complete relationship with God by looking at the Jewish feasts. There are seven feasts given by God through Moses to the Jewish people. What is so amazing is that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever—and these feasts point to who Jesus is and what He would do for all people.

This is one of my favorite studies and I’m so excited to share this with our congregation. I ask for your prayers that we can see a greater picture of who God is through His fullness—Jesus Christ.

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