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  • Micah Herrick

Worshiping Together This Week

​Finding songs that adequately capture gentleness in their text is hard. This week, as we come so close to the end of this Believe series that has guided us these last 28 weeks we want to cling to the spirit of gentleness. We have a Father in Heaven that catches us up in his arms and loves us with a perfect gentleness. While there may not be lots of songs that call us specifically to gentleness, there are plenty that help us see the gentle care that our God has for us and we must be sharing that good news with as many as we can! As we come into this Sunday morning will you start singing these songs deep within your heart so that we can come together and lift up song in one voice declaring the gentleness of our Heavenly Father and prepare to share that news with our communities.

2nd Service:

1st Service:

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