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  • Micah Herrick

How does my family connect with God in worship?

How do you lead your family in worship? Summer is here and many will be seeing more of our families. Last time we focused on how this is a good opportunity to think about worshiping as a family.

Part two is discovering ways your family connects with God in worship. This is the horizontal aspect of worship—worship done as a group and between us and God. Worship done as a group is about bringing unity between all of us to Christ. When viewed through the lens of this corporate kind of worship, we realize that ‘my worship’ can never come at the expense of the person sitting next to me.

It is so very easy to look at the individual side of worship and to live there. You ask yourself

questions like, “did this song speak to me?” or “did I feel God’s presence when doing that activity?” or “what is God trying to teach me through this scripture?” And while those are all good thoughts to have, if we live there the worship then quickly becomes about “me”. When that happens, the scary reality is that I have stopped worshipping God and have begun to bow at the alter of myself.

When you lead your family in worship together, try asking some different questions. “Does this song really speak into the reality of my family’s struggle?” “Do we all notice the presence of God when working through this activity?” “What truth is God speaking into our family when we read this scripture?” And maybe encourage everyone present to share in a time of prayer as a whole family.

So, how are you leading your family in worship?

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