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  • Darryl Denney

Lasting Memories From Vacation Bible School

I have so many great memories of Vacation Bible School! The memories of singing, kickball, cherry Kool-Aid and cookies are very dear to me. I loved all the different teachers I had throughout the years. I even remember the flannel graph that we were taught on. (I know that ages me but I don’t care! Flannel Graphs are cool!)

Two experiences in particular that stand out to me the most, involved a balloon launch and a doubting Apostle.

The balloon launch took place in the summer going into 4th grade and this was memorable because my balloon was returned having gone the furthest distance. It ended up on the property of a farmer in Ohio and he and his wife wrote me a letter sharing their faith and their years of volunteering in VBS at their church. I felt pretty special.

The other memorable experience came the following summer when I played the part of the Apostle Thomas in the closing night’s program. I still remember my speech!!! “Hello! My name is Thomas. My other name is Didymus, which means twin. Some people call me a doubter, I guess I do have a questioning nature. Although, once I am convinced, I stand firm. I now believe that Jesus is alive! He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. Of this I am certain.”

Vacation Bible School has a special place in my heart as a child and honestly, even more so as an adult. I truly treasure all the years that I have volunteered and led in various capacities. I treasure and don’t regret a single moment! (Oh, except when I kissed a pig here at Center! I regret that moment!)

I am so excited about VBS at Center this year. The format will be a little different than what many are used to because it is relational driven (DISCIPLESHIP! YEAH!) through small groups and then connecting to the home (DISCIPLESHIP! YEAH!).

Orange Publishing is our curriculum source for our pre-school Sunday School and worship hour material, as well as our elementary age Sunday School curriculum and Kids City time.

Now we are taking that same model and are going to see it through Orange’s “Gidgets and Gizmo’s” VBS.

Uniquely, Wired, Wonderfully Made! I can’t wait! Join us! Partner with us! Invite families to make lasting memories and learn to live the light of Jesus in our homes and communities this July 24th-28th.

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