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  • Darryl Denney

Pray For The Children

If you didn’t know, my path for full-time ministry was “unconventional” to say the least. After Bible College and until I entered full-time ministry 10 years ago, I always did weekend ministry. My full-time job during those 12 years of weekend ministry was social work.

The social work that I did was specific to child abuse and neglect prevention at first and then the majority of those years was served in a supervisory level on the intervention side of child welfare. I doubt my heart and mind will ever leave the effects of the horror and tragedy I have seen children of all ages face. Those years of social work broke my heart and shaped my heart all at the same time.

I say all this to not seek sympathy for myself but to plead for your prayers and heartbreak for the millions of helpless, innocent children who are abused and neglected every day by those who are supposed to provide, care and protect them.

We live in a fallen world and there is brokenness and evil all around, but when a child is hurt or neglected I don’t know of a greater pain or injustice to society than that.

We know that one day Jesus will return and the effects of sin will be no more when we enter into eternity, but until then, we cannot let the defenseless and helpless children of the world be forgotten and without a voice crying out on their behalf to the God that loves them with an endless love.

This month our leadership invites you to stand in the gap for these children who are being abused and oppressed. We invite you to pray for their protection. We invite you to pray for their provision. We invite you to pray for an intervention that will either bring about a change in their care or a change in their caregiver.

Above all, we invite you to pray that these children will one date find hope, healing and peace beyond all that they have endured. Please pray that these children will discover Jesus as their Savior and God as the Perfect Father.

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