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  • Ethan Davis


As we begin a new year, so many people are setting goals. Mental, physical, occupational, and everything between, we often see this time as a new start. And yet, I’ve often heard quoted in study

after study that most people give up by February.

Why is this? Did we not set “good” goals? Are they not worth attaining? Would our lives NOT be better if we reached these goals? Why?

And yet in just asking these questions we find the solution. Of course they are “good” goals, of course they are worth attaining, of course things would be better if we reached them.

This month in Kid City we are talking about commitment: making a plan and sticking to it. I like to call this x factor, the ability to have stick-to-it-ness, ownership. Imagine if our goals were OWNED! What if we took the time to think of a spiritual goal for each of your kids? What if we focused our energies on ONE THING for the entire year?

Here is the bigger insight…it starts with you. How can you OWN your faith? What areas do you need to improve—Prayer? Study? Service? What if our spiritual goal (unlike our physical goals) were placed on having MORE of what God wants in our lives? Less donuts—more patience. Less tv—more peace. Less coffee—more prayer.

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