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  • Ethan Davis

Family Christmas Traditions

As Darryl speaks on the “Gifts of Christmas” we cannot ignore the practical ways we introduce the Christmas story to our families.

The importance of family traditions can’t be understated. Take a moment (yes, actually take a moment and reflect) and think about your family traditions of years gone by. When you were a kid: What did you ALWAYS do for Christmas? What ways did the Christmas Narrative get center stage in your celebrations?

For my family as a kid, we always read the Luke account from my Dad’s parallel Bible. That was a BIG Bible. We also sat sipping red and green punch while eating coconut cake (also my Dad’s favorite).

My one Christmas wish this year is this...that you and your family would fully enjoy each other and place the story of Christmas center stage somewhere in your family Christmas traditions. If you need help, tips, or would like to share what your family does, please don’t hesitate to connect.

I wish you the warmest of Christmas joy, cheer and purpose this season!

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