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  • Darryl Denney

Messengers of the Good News

Several amazing things happened Sunday night at our “Missions Evening” with Missionary, CY Kim. First of all, it is always so exciting to hear all that God is doing through the ministry of CRAM Worldwide, Inc. If you are not familiar with this mission work in several countries in Asia, please check out their website at and pray for the Gospel of Christ to go out to the lost and hurting in these countries.

I love listening to CY. For someone who has been in prison for over 2 years in the past for his faith and has seen the full weight of poverty and oppression, he is filled with so much joy and so much love. He loves the Lord and he loves people.

CY even loved our mascot for this current sermon series, “The Elephant In The Family Room”. Here is a picture of Roger the Elephant, CY Kim and of course, Ethan our Youth and Family Minister who loves both Roger and CY.

Another amazing aspect of the evening, was that the Jr. High and Sr. High Youth Group from Wilkinson Church of Christ joined us. It is exciting to see God working in the lives of those young people.

The best part of the whole evening took place when CY Kim asked for prayer from our leaders at Center. CY also said that anyone else could join us as we laid hands upon him in prayer. What took place next filled my heart with so much joy. The stage began to fill not only with our Elders but then with young people who wanted to join in prayer and intercession for this faithful servant of God.

"How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!" (Romans 10:15, NLT) I pray that the Church, that transcends gender and generation, will rise up and be messengers of the good news of Jesus Christ wherever we are sent. Not only that, but I pray that the Church that transcends gender and generation, will never cease standing united in prayer for those who go throughout the world with beautiful feet as messengers of the Gospel.

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