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  • Ethan Davis

Watch. Read. Do

A few weeks ago I was given the privilege of preaching on promotion Sunday. I am thrilled to report that after a few bumps in the road, which happens every year, we are building momentum in all ages. Relationally, spiritually, and physically our kids are growing up right before out eyes.

God laid it on my heart to begin to shift focus this year. And the focus is YOU - the parents. We know that you have more influence over a lifetime than any other person on the planet. For better or worse, you will always be Mom or Dad. In a world of go, go, go, it can be difficult to quantify spiritual growth. After all, it’s spiritual, unseen. Yet, after 8 years of experience, I’ve noticed a few things that can help you as a parent win spiritually at home. I will speak about these things in future articles but for now, I’d like to speak about HOW. Our new strategy for partnering with parents is as simple as: Watch, Read, Do.

For every age, Pre-Kindergarten and up, we will begin to provide a cue. Again, this is not more for you to do, but to give a little nudge on what you could possibly do different to make a BIG difference in your preschooler, elementary, 6th-8th grader, or high schoolers spiritual walk.

Watch - We will provide a short 2-3 minute video that will show you what your kids will be learning.

Read - We will provide info about the memory verse, bottom line, and theme, so you can encourage conversation at home.

Do - We will provide ways to incorporate these truths into your daily life. Wake up time, meal time. drive time, and bed time are great ways you ALREADY connect with your kids. It’s at these moments, if we choose to be intentional, small changes can really show your kids you are owning your faith and that what is being taught on Sunday is making an impact on you.

Our faith must be taught, but discipleship is largely passed on to the next generation by what they see and hear modeled at home. And as always, I would deeply appreciate any time you would like to connect. I too am a parent - and the struggle is real.

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