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  • Micah Herrick

What do you desire/love? Who are you?

So a few of us from the worship ministry just got to attend the Connect Worship Conference held by Cincinnati Christian University. The singing, led by Shane and Shane, was deep and meaningful and full of scripture. The time was filled with prayer and scripture and wisdom. All and all it was a time of renewal and refreshment.

In one of the breakout sessions I got to attend, two guiding questions for life were presented that I would like to share. 1) What do you desire/love? 2) Who are you? As the apostle Paul tells us, a life of worship is not just singing songs but offering up your life daily to God (Romans 12:1).

Asking these questions does two things. First, they help us honestly assess our heart

condition. What you desire and love is what you give your time and attention to. Look deep. What is that for you?

Next, they can help you guide your heart in a right direction. You have an identity given by Christ, you are a son/daughter of God. God loves you, make him the focus of your desire and love. That is a life of worship.

Will you join me in using these questions to help and assess and guide the direction of our hearts?

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