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  • Ethan Davis


Wow! What an amazing week at Mahoning Valley! Micah and I shared six days solid with 74 forth and fifth graders and their leaders. For you parents, we covered Psalm 139 with specific focus on verses 13-16. Each day had a bottom line. We learned that God made us and that we are made to trust God, follow Jesus, serve Him, serve others as well as shine together.

Now … VBS is right around the corner, and we are going to share these same teachings with a whole new batch of 3 year olds through 5th graders! Here's where you can help:

1) ASK a parent or guardian you know who has a 3 year old through 5th grade kiddo

to join us. They can sign up at

2) PRAY for our leaders and kids as we share the life changing message of Jesus Christ!

3) GIVE by taking some time to visit the VBS Table in the foyer on Sunday morning. We

are still needing food and supplies for our VBS.

4) WATCH out for upcoming news. This year our "missionary" will be IDES and we are planning on doing a church wide, GAP food bagging project to wrap up our VBS on Friday!!!

God bless you! Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Kingdom and this community here at Center. May you be a blessing to those around you as you fully show how YOU are the salt and light (Matthew 5). Just remember to SHAKE & SHINE this summer!!!

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