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  • Micah Herrick

The Love of Our Heavenly Father

Each time I get to hold one of my newborn children, I learn a little bit more of the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father. I see a bit better our frailty compared to Him. I see a bit better our need for Him. I understand more clearly the overwhelming love He has for His children.

In those still moments where my little one’s face turns into a silly little smile, I better understand the delight He shares in our joy. As I gently pat out the gas bubbles from a sobbing infant's tummy, I more clearly see His desire to ease some of our suffering.

We have even given our newest small arrival the middle name Amaris, which in Latin means 'you are loved.' It was our small effort to add that reality to her identity, the same way the Father gives us a new identity in His love when we become co-heirs in His salvation.

Each time, being a daddy has helped me to understand Him a bit better.

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