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  • Ethan Davis

Signposts of Spiritual Health

I am thrilled to report we have some awesome students stepping up in BIG ways around here at Center. If you see one of them do me a favor and say thank you.

I also want to say thanks to those adult leaders who are taking our students under their wing to provide a space of encouragement, challenge, and training.

As part of the process to engage these new student servants, we have three “Signposts of Spiritual Health.” These are three questions to assess yourself as well:

1) Am I committed to corporate worship?

2) Am I engaged in an educational / relational circle?

3) Am I investing in kingdom service?

The importance of these questions are hard to understate. Saying yes to these helps ward off burnout. Saying yes to these keeps the statement, “I’m just not being fed” from rearing it’s ugly head. Saying yes to these incorporates your full body head, heart, and hands.

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