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  • Ethan Davis

Why VBS?

Darryl spoke in our last newsletter about his fond memories of VBS. Well, all except one (you will have to check out his article for what he didn't like.) I've once heard it said that if you focus on WHAT, it can divide, but if you focus on WHY, it unites.

VBS — Vacation Bible School — So why do we do this long standing, child focused event here at Center? At this moment I must acknowledge that, in the grand scheme of the history of this church, I am but a blip on the radar. Speaking about the past, I can only assume this is the reason: The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

VBS is not about the kids. It may be for the kids, but it's not about them. VBS is ultimately NOT about number, or outreach, or money.

See these words of Jesus: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, …” Matthew 6:33a NIV

VBS is going to look different this year. If you have been to camp, it is going to feel and look more like camp. Micah and I got the opportunity to dean 4th and 5t

h grade camp. In order to help the first time, full week campers, we decided to do something radical. We adapted our VBS curriculum for them. We wanted to ease the transition between VBS and a week long camp. I won't go into the particulars here, so I will return to the why:

To prepare hearts and minds of 3 year olds through 5th graders to receive the Gospel of Jesus for lifelong discipleship.

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