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  • Micah Herrick

How do you lead your family in worship?

How do you lead your family in worship? Summer is here and many will be seeing more of our families, so this is a good opportunity to reflect on this.

Part one is finding the ways you best connect with God in worship. We will call this the vertical aspect of worship—worship that is personal and between me and God. Not long ago our church discussed the different styles of evangelism. Well there are many different styles or ways that we can personally encounter God (I am talking about more than just musical style.) Some connect best through music; others through silent prayer. Some deeply feel God’s presence when seeking Him in His words; others through His revealed beauty in nature. Whether it is through the apostles teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, or

prayer-or any of the ways worship can be manifested-we have to know how best we can connect with God.

Once we know, we need to worship daily. Worship is not a once a week moment, it is an intentional way of life. The best leaders lead by example, how are you leading?

After establishing that pattern of life, stretch yourself to experience God in worship outside your comfort zone. Your family may not have the same niche for worship as you. To lead well you need to know that they may be different and have the ability to embrace what they need as well. So, how are you leading your family in worship?

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