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  • Micah Herrick

My Approach to "Sharing My Faith"

We’ve all had some time to consider which of these 7 evangelistic styles we are strongest in, and I have now been pinned by multiple people before even telling in which I am strongest. I find the intellectual style to fit me the best, though there is a bit of a creative flair that is born from my artistic half.

As I have processed through this, I think this is true because I love to talk about ideas. I love understanding why people think the way they do about ideas. I love following people down their logical pathways; to go on journeys in search of truth with people.

Yesterday, Lee talked about the biblical example of Paul in this stylistic approach. I find the Mars Hill story in Acts 17 most exemplifies this reality. Paul goes and begins by

learning about their thinking, finds the reality of the ‘unknown God’ and uses that as an open opportunity to share the truth of the God of the Universe and his redemptive love. It is opportunities like these that have me excited and on the edge of my seat whenever they come along.

What about you? What methods, of sharing the good news of Jesus, make you excited?

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